Monday, September 15, 2008

Symbiosis Mutualism of Yellow Tail Anemone Fish and Sea Anemone

Charles Roring

When you dive among the coral reef, you might sea a picture which is similar to the one below:
Sea anemone looks like soft coral. It is similar to a plant but this soft coral actually is an animal. It looks beautiful underwater. Clown fish like to play among it without having to fear of the sting of the sea anemone. The anemone looks fragile but its shoots are dangerous and venomous.
Yellow tail anemone fish live among sea anemone. Even though its habitat is venomous anemone, the yellow tail anemone fish can live safely. It doesn’t like if there are any fish moving around its home. It sometimes attacks other fish that pass by her home. Attacking other fish is its effort to show that it is the one that occupy and protect its territory.
But if other fish is bigger and more dangerous, yellow tail anemone fish will only watch it. For instance, a big venomous lion fish which is bigger. It can make the anemone fish its prey. When the lion fish is moving closer to its territory, the yellow tail anemone fish is afraid to attack him.
Sea anemone and yellow tail anemone fish help each other. For instance, when some rainbow multi-colored fin fish struggle with one another over a clam meat, suddenly the anemone fish will steal it away and hide it in the sea anemone. The rainbow fish will chase and try to seize the clam meat from the anemone but the venomous shoots will prevent them to do so. The sea anemone will hold the meat. Through this symbiosis mutualism, the two species of fish can survive from any attacks from larger fish.

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