Thursday, September 18, 2008

Diving through shipwreck

by Charles Roring
Diving into a shipwreck can be a fascinating experience. A corroding ship's structure is fragile. It can collapse anytime. So it is dangerous to dive alone. If the wreck is old enough, we can see how the wreck is full of corals and fish. Many shipwrecks in deep water are left untouched. They might contain of various kinds cargoes such as cars, tyres, ammunition, and even crude oil.
As diving through shipwreck is a dangerous activity, it is better to dive with friends. Divers need enough lights to enter the interior of the wreck.
Sometimes, divers encounter fish moving inside the wreck. If the fish is a venomous one, it is better not to approach it because it can attack divers. Do not force to enter rooms, such as machinery room, or navigation that are blocked by pillars, sling, or fallen furniture.
Some shipwrecks have explosive materials such as bombs and torpedoes. Don't try to turn or remove them. They can explode and ruin the whole ship's structure.
After diving, you can contact the shipping archives of the local government if the ship was of the territory. If the shipwreck was from other country. You can contact the country, or the ship owner to find out detailed stories about the wreck.

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