Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Largest Marine Park in Indonesia - Cendrawasih bay

by Charles Roring
Cendrawasih Bay National Marine Park occupies 1,453,500 ha. It is the largest marine park in Indonesia. Geographically it is located between 1° 43’- 3°22’ LS dan 134°06’ – 135°10’ BT. Administratively it is under two regencies, i.e. Wondama Bay and Nabire. Around 80 percent of the marine park is under the jurisdiction of Wondama Bay Regency.
The Cendrawasih Bay National Marine Park stretches from Cape Kwatisore in the south to Rumberpon island in the north. It also covers 500 kilometers of beautiful beach of West Papua island, as the mother island. Coral reefs, which are world class diving paradise, are scaterred in 18 islands of the core zone, protected zone, and limited exploitation zone. The 18 islands are Nuburi, Pepaya, Nutabari, Kumbur, Anggromeos, Kabuoi, Rorado, Kuwom, Matas, Rouw, Iwaru, Rumarakon, Nusambier, Maransabadi, Nukup, Paison, Numerai, and Wairundi.

Rumberpon island
This island is located in the north of Wondama Bay Regency near the border of Manokwari regency. This island has beautiful white sandy beach. The length of the beach is 6,000 meters. The island is surrounded with 100 meters flat reef up to the edge of the walls. The water is clear so, people can enjoy the colorful reef from their boat. It takes 5.5 hours by boat to reach the island from Manokwari. Tourists can also see various birds and animals such as eagle, deer, kuskus. In certain month, turtles come to its shore to lay their eggs.

Nusrowi island
It is located in the west of Rumberpon island. It is only a small island. The waters around it is shallow and full of various kinds of fish schooling among the reef.

Nukusa island
It is located in the south of Rumberpon island. The slope reef, mostly granulatus and acropora tabulate, is beautiful.It is a good island for diving.

Mioswar island
The island is within the administration of District of Wamesa. Hot water flows out from the ground. The spring is around 300 meters from the beach. There is a historic cave where you can see carved box, antique plates, and human bones. Besides enjoying the thermal spring water, and the cave, visitors can see waterfall or dive to enjoy the beauty of the reef of the island. Bats (pteropus sp.) live there too.

Roon island
It is located in the northern part of Wandamen peninsula. Villagers built their houses on the water. There is an old church with a 1898 bible. You can do the diving and snorkeling here.

Aitumeri hill
It is a historic hill for West Papuan people. Here, the Dutch used to run an educational center. The best Papuan intellectuals used to come from this hill. It is considered the entry point to Modern Civilisation for Papuan.

The objective of the establishment of the park is to maintain and preserve the diversity of flora and fauna in the region. This marine park supports the environment and the people who live in the region. Sustainalbe exploitation of the regions and waters adjacent to it will be better if the marine park is well protected. The Cendrawasih bay national marine park has 1.385.300 Ha sea area including 80,000 hectares of coral reefs. The park is also important for such activities as research, science and education, aquaculture, eco-tourism and recreation.

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