Thursday, June 7, 2018

I Like Freediving

Snorkeling and Freediving in Manokwari with Charles Roring
Marine Life in Manokwari
I was born and grew up in Manokwari. When I was a little boy, this was only a little town. The beach was clean and the sea was crystal clear. With that kind of environment, I and my friends liked to go to the nearby harbor to swim. We really enjoyed it.
Now Manokwari has changed. It has turned into a fast growing city. I still like going to the beach. Wearing mask, snorkel and fins, I explore the coral reef and take pictures of the fish, seastar, anemone, and every interesting thing that I usually see in the water. I read in the internet that people call this kind of activity as recreational freediving.
Snorkeling and freediving with Charles Roring
Regal Angelfish
I often guide tourists on adventure tours (hiking, birding, snorkeling and freediving) in Raja Ampat, Tambrauw, Sorong, Manokwari, Numfor and even Triton bay.
The duration of the tour can be as short as 1 day to as long as 2 weeks.
Freediving is a fun but dangerous sport. So, I don't like competition about who can go deeper. Enjoy the fun and the beauty of marine life but don't put yourself into big trouble.

Basics of freediving
  • Every person has his or her own limit in holding his or her own breath.
  • Practice holding your breath, first above the water while you sit at the beach or at home. 
  • You could also practice holding your breath while walking or swimming/ snorkeling.
  • Do horizontal freediving and gradually improve your length of swimming (in feet or meters)
  • Gradually do freediving in vertical or gradient way. 
  • Try to be as relax as possible when you are freediving
  • When you feel relax and safe, you can go down deeper and hold your breath longer.
  • Respect marine life, do not cause any damages in the coral reef.

Visitors who want to come here should bring their own freediving gear plus a good camera. If you are interested in snorkeling and freediving, you could contact me (Charles Roring) by whatsapp: +6281332245180 or by email:

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