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Freediving Photos

Marine tour in West Papua
Freediving photos from Manokwari waters
When I go freediving in Raja Ampat archipelago, Tambrauw, Manokwari or Numfor island, I always try to make photos of fish, coral reef and any marine creatures that I see in the water. The sea life in these areas are rich. There are a lot of reef fish such as damselfish, butterflyfish, spadefish, moorish idol, snappers, groupers, sweetlips, surgeonfish, and lionfish. They have got colorful skin and various ornaments on their bodies, fins and tails. The most recommended site to watch the fish is in the drop off area of the coral reef.
Pictures of those fish could be taken by underwater photographic device for hobbiests such as Nikon W300 or action camera Brica Pro5 Alpha Edition. Professional underwater photographers usually use a D-SLR or compact cameras that have got large sensors such as Canon G7X Mark II or Sony RX100 Mark V. These cameras have to be inserted into waterproof housings.
Snorkeling tour with Charles Roring
Marine Life in the waters of Tambrauw regency
Before taking pictures underwater, I usually make some preparations such as cleaning the camera both its body and lens, and cleaning the water resistant case. I also make physical preparation such as doing some stretching and taking deep breath several times to make my musles and mind feel relax and comfortable with the surrounding environment.
Wearing snorkeling mask, snorkel and flippers, I swim over the coral reef to find schooling fish, clownfish or lionfish, other marine creatures that will look beautiful in my freediving photos. After that I will slowly descend to my subjects and aim my camera at them one by one. I can make several dives and stay in the water for less than 1 minute during each dive.
Freediving is a fun but dangerous activity. So, I don't like competition on who can freedive to deeper bottom.
If you are interested in taking a snorkeling or freediving vacation in West Papua and need me as your guide to accompany you, please, contact me by e-mail to: or by whatsapp to: +6281332245180.

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