Friday, May 18, 2018

Raja Ampat Adventure Snorkeling and Birding Tours

Marine tours in Raja Ampat islands
Fish Lagoon in Raja Ampat
This is the picture of Fish Lagoon in Raja Ampat. The scenery is very beautiful. It is located in the eastern region of Waigeo island and has become my preferred destination for snorkeling and rainforest birding tours.
There are sites where tourists can swim and see coral reef and a lot of tropical fish that thrive at depths between 1 to 10 meters.
Very few tourists have visited this region because it is located in remote region. I have organized several marine tours to this place for tourists who want to see Red Bird of Paradise, Colorful Orchid flowers in the forest as well as clownfish and butterfly fish in Raja Ampat waters.
The usual duration for marine and jungle tour to Fish Lagoon and its surrounding areas is between 4 to 6 days or even more.
I highly recommend that visitors bring their own snorkeling device, at least an underwater action camera and binoculars if they want to take adventure tour to this site.
For birding vacation in Raja Ampat, I suggest that visitors buy field guide book: Birds of New Guinea written by Thane K. Pratt and Bruce Beehler. This book will greatly enhance the identification of birds in Raja Ampat and other parts of West Papua.
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