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Preparation before Snorkeling

Snorkeling gear
Mask, snorkel and underwater camera
Snorkeling is a very good recreational sport. However, it can be dangerous if the person who wants to enjoy it does not have enough experience or does not make adequate preparations. A snorkeling trip that is well prepared will guarantee maximum safety for tourists who take the tour.
Local guide and marine tour operator who organise the marine tour have to make sure that the gears required for the trip are all in good working order. For instance, the valve in the snorkel will let the air to flow but blocks the water from entering the mouthpiece.  The silicone skirt of the mask is still elastic to ensure that it will function properly as a watertight seal while somebody wears the mask in the water. The lens of the mask has to be made of shock resistant glass. Plastic lenses have to be avoided.
Snorkeling tour with Charles Roring in West Papua
Coral reef life in the waters of Manokwari
Beginning snorkelers have to wear lifejacket if they want to swim in drop off area. The jacket will give them positive buoyancy. When water enters the snorkel or mask, inexperienced snorkelers will get panicked and usually swim to shallow area. They may stand on the coral once they reach the shallow ground and prevent them from standing on the coral. Experienced snorkelers and freedivers do not want to wear them because they will limit their freedom of movement in the water. Lifejacket can be stored in the boat and can be thrown to the snorkeler in emergency situation.
Snorkeling tour in West Papua of Indonesia with Charles Roring
Coral reef in Manokwari waters
Emergency kit is a must. It contains water, food (usually biscuit), first aid kit, tissues, flash light, matches. Every snorkeling guide or boat driver needs to bring it particularly when conducting tour to remote island.
Boat driver has to check the engine and hull of the boat to ensure maximum safety when they run to remote islands. Fuel is more than enough for the trip. Boat owner must not smoke cigarettes when he sits near the gas tank manually driving the boat. To minimize accidents at the beach or at sea, all tour operators, guides and tourists must follow safety regulations and do better preparatory works before every trip.
Marine tourism are very popular in countries that have got coral reef such as Florida Keys in the US, the Carribean islands, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Okinawa of Japan, Guam, Indonesia, the Philipines, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and a lot of small countries in the Pacific. These countries generate billions of us dollars of income that are very important to provide jobs and support the economy of the respective countries.  A snorkeling tour that is successful will increase trust and satisfaction among customers. It will also ensure sustainable operation of marine tour business in the long run.
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