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Hiking and Birding in Lowland Forest of Manokwari

Lowland Forest of Manokwari
Lowland Forest of Manokwari
Birdwatching is an interesting activity. In Manokwari, there are several places that I usually visit to run birding tours. One of them is Menyumfoka river. Tropical rainforest that covers both sides of the river is the natural habitat of a lot of species of birds that live in lowland area. During my last riverwalk in the area, I saw Papuan hornbills (Rhyticeros plicatus), Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita), Brahminy Kite, Pinon Imperial Pigeon (Ducula pinon), Palm Cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus), and Eclectus Parrot (Eclectus rotatus). Big trees such as ironwood tree, strangler ficus tree and kayu-perahu tree can be seen in the lowland forest.
Eclectus Parrots in Lowland Forest of Manokwari
Birding along the river
To watch birds, I use a pair of binoculars. I also have got a spotting scope and a tripod. I like birding along the bank of a river because I could see birds easily. Huge clearing area created by a river enables birdwatchers to spot birds in distant trees and in the sky.
Birding Camera
I use an old Fujifilm HS50EXR. It has got 42x optical zoom that is equivalent too 1,000 mm. It is a very good camera for birdwatching. Unfortunately, Fujifilm discontinued the development of such camera.
As a tourist guide, I offer hiking and birding tours to lowland forest and montane forest of Manokwari.

Butterfly in Lowland Forest of Manokwari
Other Animals
The Lowland Forest of Manokwari is also the habitat of deers, wallaby, wild pigs, snakes, and a lot of colorful butterflies and beetles.
I made some pictures of mantis and butterfly and I went hiking in the area yesterday.

The average duration of the hiking and birding tour in the lowland forest of Manokwari is 3 days/ 2 nights. I provide tents, and sleeping bags for tourists so that they don't need to bring camping gear from their country.

Booking a rainforest hiking and birding tour
For customized Please, send text message (by whatsapp is also ok) to my cell phone: +6281332245180. You could also contact me (Charles Roring) by email to:

Things to bring:

  • Clothing such as t-shirts and shorts for tropical climate. You could also bring swimsuit if you want to swim in the fresh water river.
  • Watershoes
  • Flip-flop
  • Torch/ flashlight
  • Binoculars/ spotting scope + tripod
  • A camera with telephoto lens 
  • Anti-insect lotion
  • If you like fishing, you could also bring your fishing rod.

Coral Reef in Manokwari
Snorkeling and Staying in Mansinam Island
Most of the visitors who come to Manokwari also want to enjoy swimming and snorkeling.  I recommend that they go and stay in Mansinam island which is only 15 minutes by water taxi.
There is a guesthouse in the island. Its name is Doreri Guesthouse. The beachfront of the guesthouse is covered by coral reef. Parrotfish, pink anemonefish, damselfish, moorish idol, butterflyfish, boxfish and a lot of other species of tropical fish can be seen in the area.
Doreri Guesthouse in Mansinam island

Bedroom in Doreri Guesthouse of Mansinam Island
Bring your own snorkeling gear such as mask, snorkel and fins if you want to see the coral reef environment of the island.
500,000 rupiahs per room per night for 2 people (including breakfast)
700,000 rupiahs per room per nigt for 2 people (including breakfast, lunch and dinner).
Visitors who stay in the island can also enjoy hiking, butterfly watching around the island.
Just send email to me (Charles Roring): or whatsapp message to +6281332245180 and I will help in arranging your stay in Mansinam island.

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