Thursday, February 2, 2017

Coral Reef and Tropical Fish of Mansinam Island

Mansinam is a small island located in the east of Manokwari city. To reach it, visitors can go by water taxi (motorized boat). It takes around 15 minutes to land on the island. There is a long coral reef formation in the western coast of the island. Hundreds of species of fish can be seen especially along the drop-off area. Some of them include butterflyfish, angelfish, surgeonfish, unicornfish, moorish idol, damselfish (pink anemonefish, orange-finned anemonefish, clown anemonefish), demoiselle, snapper, emperor/ seabream, barracuda, anthias, parrotfish, wrass, scorpionfish, triggerfish and a lot more.

Coral Reef Preservation
There is a local initiative conducted by villagers in Mansinam island to preserve their rainforest and marine environment. Salo Rumadas who is now in charge of Doreri Guesthouse regularly conducts beach clean-up activities with her staff along the western beach area of Mansinam. They pick up plastic bottles and cans that drift to the shore of the island from Manokwari city.

The Forest
Most of the land of Mansinam is still covered by tropical rainforest. If we walk along the forest edge, we will be able to see birds, butterflies, and beetles as well as various species of wild-flowers that grow along the concrete road that circles the island.

Doreri Guesthouse
To support their works, Salo Rumadas, and the women of Mansinam island, runs Doreri Guesthouse. Visitors who go to Mansinam island can stay for several days in the island to enjoy snorkeling or hiking around the island.
500,000 rupiahs (approximately 35 Euros) per room per night for 2 people (including breakfast)
700,000 rupiahs (approximately 49 Euros) per room per night for 2 people (including breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Extrabed (with breakfast) = 250,000 rupiahs per person per night
Extrabed (with breakfast, lunch, dinner) = 350,000 rupiahs per person per night

When you arrive at the airport of Manokwari city, you can ask taxi to bring you to Pelabuhan Ketapang in Kwawi area. The cost is 100,000 rupiahs (approximately 7 Euro) per taxi.
After that, you can go to Mansinam island by water taxi for another 100,000 rupiahs (chartered) or 20,000 rupiahs per person as regular passenger to the Doreri guesthouse.
If the boat driver cannot speak English, just show photo of this guesthouse, and he will bring you to Mansinam island.

Please, contact Charles Roring by email to: or send text message/ whatsapp to: +6281332245180.
If you speak bahasa Indonesia, you could talk to Salo directly to book a room in the guesthouse at this cell phone number: +6281284333345

In addition to snorkeling trip in Mansinam island, visitors can go hiking in the jungle of Arfak mountains and Northern Manokwari to see unique plants and animals. We can provide customized itinerary and cost for that purpose.

How to get there?

  • Fly from Manokwari to your country to Jakarta city
  • There are regular daily flights between Jakarta and Manokwari served by such airlines as Garuda, Sriwijaya, Nam air and Express Air.
  • We can meet you at the airport.

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