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Snorkeling in Mansuar island of Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is the best destination in the world for tourists who are interested in seeing coral reef and tropical fish. Every year thousands of marine lovers travel to Raja Ampat to enjoy scuba diving, free diving and snorkeling. The easiest way to see underwater marine environment is by snorkeling and free diving.

Raja Ampat Adventure Tour

As a tourist guide, I offer a snorkeling and sightseeing tour as well as rainforest tour for anybody who plans to visit the region. One of the islands that we will visit is Mansuar. Mansuar is located side by side with Kri island. They are separated by very shallow Yenbuba strait. Mansuar and Kri are mostly covered by rugged mountains leaving very little flat land on some parts of the island. So, the coral reef thrives along the under water steep slopes drop off and walls The adventure tour in Raja Ampat can be carried out the the east region of Waigeo island.
Mansuar island at the back of the speedboad

Snorkeling Sites

Mansuar island has got several coral reef areas that are suitable for snorkelers. As a matter of fact that island is surrounded by coral reef. But the snorkeling sites that I like are Yenbuba jetty (across from Kri island), North West Mansuar, South West Mansuar and Sawondarek. From my previous snorkeling trips in most of the fringing reef of the island, I saw abundant number of fish including sweetlips, scads, grouper, trevally, butterflyfish, moorish idol, damselfish, grouper, black-tip reef fish, manta, pipefish and several species of anemone fish.

Red Slender Anthias and Diagonal-banded Sweetlips


The duration of snorkeling tour in Raja Ampat is 5 days/ 4 nights with itinerary as described below:

Here is a typical itinerary that I offer to my customers:
Day 1 
Leaving Sorong for Raja Ampat
We will stay at one of the homestays in the region
Snorkeling in Yenbuba strait
Day 2
Traveling to Kabui karst islets (snorkeling) and a visit to its passage.
Snorkeling in Batu Lima or Friwen
A visit to sand bank near Kri island
Day 3
Traveling to Pianemo to see its beautiful scenery on top of one of its karst islets
Snorkeling in Arborek
Day 4
Snorkeling in West Mansuar
Snorkeling in Sawondarek
Day 5
Leaving Raja Ampat for Sorong
Please, consider the above itinerary as a reference only. It can be changed or modified during the trip depending on weather condition (rainy or sunny days, wave and sea current).
Snorkeling Gear

Because the face form and size of every person is different, I suggest that participant of this snorkeling tour bring his or her own snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, and fins).

Map location of Raja Ampat islands in the Republic of Indonesia
Map Location of Raja Ampat

If you are interested in taking the tour with me, please contact me (Charles Roring) by email to: or send whatsapp message to: +6281332245180
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