Saturday, March 5, 2016

Snorkeling in Arborek of Raja Ampat

by Charles Roring
Giant Clam in Raja Ampat islands of West Papua
Coral Reef in Arborek waters of Raja Ampat
Snorkeling Tour in Raja Ampat
Arborek is a small island in Raja Ampat,  in the west of Mansuar island. I enjoyed snorkeling at the jetty of the island last month. It was a nice experience because the waters of Arborek were the natural habitat of various species of fish. When I was freediving under the jetty I was surrounded by thousands of scads with tens of trevally and jackfish manuevering below them. Behind me was a large group of parrotfish biting the corals and spitting them in the water like spraying lime powder. In my previous trip to this island several years ago, I saw epaulette shark, and some giant clams (tridacna gigas).
Earlier that morning I did freediving to see manta in the Manta Point located not far from Arborek. 
After the snorkeling trip, I and some visitors from Czech republic had a little walk around the village where we met the villagers and had young coconut water at the beach. Arborek is a good transit point for visitors who have just returned from their sightseeing trip in Pianemo islets.
It was a wonderful experience because I had fulfilled my wish of returning to Arborek.
Arborek beach in Raja Ampat islands
As a tourist guide, I offer snorkeling and sightseeing tour to Raja Ampat islands for visitors who are interested in seeing the wealth of marine bio-diversity of the archipelago. Because the tour price of traveling in Raja Ampat is expensive, I suggest that visitors go in a group of at least 4 to 6 people to share the cost.
Don't forget to bring your own snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, and fins). You could also bring a good underwater camera if you want to take pictures of coral reef and fish as well as other marine animals that you see in the water.
Jungle walk in Klasow valley of Sorong regency
Rainforest Tour
You can also extend your holiday in Raja Ampat by taking a rainforest tour in Tambrauw Mountains or Klasow valley. I have guided a lot of tourists who want to experience staying in the jungle for several nights. I and other local guides will build tents for our visitors at the side of a river. During the day we go trekking to see unique plants and animals of West Papua. The jungle trip usually is placed in the first part of the tour. It means that you will go trekking in the jungle before continuing your trip to Raja Ampat for snorkeling and sightseeing. Both the rainforest and coral reef environments are attractive to be explored.
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