Friday, July 12, 2013

Butterfly for Tank Top

I cut a butterfly out of a photograph yesterday and uploaded into the image folder of my Zazzle account. Then I placed it on a gray tank-top. At first I wanted to put it as a small picture on the top left side where the pocket is usually placed but later I re-positioned the picture in to the middle of the t-shirt.
The brown butterfly lives in the jungle of Manokwari particularly in the lowland forest that grows near the Pami river. I shot it using my Nikon Coolpix P500 and used the pen tool of Adobe Photoshop to create a cut out picture of the insect that I saved in PNG format. Why png instead of jpg? Well, png is a file format that allows the creation of transparent area around or inside a picture.  I already have got some vector illustrations that I uploaded into Zazzle to create t-shirts and other interesting articles that are manufactured by the online retail company. I also uploaded some of them into my personal account in Facebook.
I deliberately used Facebook to assess whether my friends like the image or not. I admit that I still need more time to master vector drawing software such as the ancient but still powerful Macromedia Freehand MX or the Adobe Illustrator. I will try to upload more vector artworks into Zazzle. Please, check them on the top right navigation bar to check them out. I hope that you will like them and will be interested in ordering some t-shirts or iPhone cases.
When people buy my artworks in the form of t-shirts, they will wear them. It means they have indirectly promote the butterfly to anybody whom they pass by along the streets that they walk. I really hope that we will give more attention to the preservation of the environment particularly the natural habitat of the butterfly.

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