Sunday, July 10, 2011

Striped Surgionfish from the Coral Reef of Manem islet in Indonesia

As a tourist guide, I often go snorkeling with tourists over the coral reef areas in the bay of Manokwari or off the shore of Manem - a satellite islet of Numfor island. Numfor is a nice tropical island located in the Cendrawasih bay of New Guinea. During the Dutch time, it was called Geelvink bay. Numfor has been my favorite destination for snorkeling and birdwatching. The surrounding water of Numfor, particularly coral reef in Manem islet, is still in pristine condition and provides plenty of tropical fish for the islanders. Today, the coral reef of the island is not only the source of food but also the destination for snorkelers from around the world. Tourists like to take pictures of the reef fish using their camera that has been protected with waterproof case. After taking the underwater pictures, they often ask me the names of fish species. To help them identify the species of the fish, I use a book entitled Reef Fish Identification Tropical Pacific which was written by Gerald Allen and his friends. The book was given to me as a gift by an American biologist Bert Harris.
Last week, I guided two tourists from Finland for a snorkeling and birdwatching trip in Numfor island of Indonesia. We went snorkeling in the morning off the shore of Manem islet. I lent them my Dicapac watercase which they used for taking underwater pictures with their Canon pocket camera. They were able to shoot a beautiful coral reef fish whose name is Striped Surgeonfish (Acanthurus Leneatus). According to the book, the tail spine of the tropical fish is venomous. So, if you see the fish while snorkeling or scuba diving, don't try to touch its tail. Without the book that I mentioned above, it would be difficult for me to identify the fish. Marine lovers who like snorkeling or scuba diving in Indonesian archipelago and the Pacific region need the book to identify the fish which they have shot using their underwater cameras.
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