Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Snorkeling and Coral reef preservation in Dorey bay

Raimuti is a tiny islet in Dorey bay of Manokwari. It is surrounded by coral reef that extends in parallel with the coast line of Arfai area of Manokwari. I often bring foreign tourists to the region for some snorkeling activities over the coral reef. Most of the city dwellers in Manokwari do not realize that the marine environment in Dorey bay is very beautiful. The presence of foreign tourists in the coral reef really attracts the attention of the people who live in Arfai region. When the city dwellers see that their coral reef is an important tourist destination, they stop throwing their domestic wastes into the sea.
So, snorkeling as a way to raise awareness among the citizens of Manokwari about the importance of preserving the coral reef environment should be seen as an alternative solution that also brings economic benefits to people in Arfai and Mansinam island areas where this precious underwater world exists. Tourists or snorkelers must also practice safe snorkeling techniques by not standing on the corals.
In recent years, I see rapid physical development on the Arfai hill. Government are now constructing office buildings in the region. Thousands of houses for government employees will also be built on the hill. This development will directly threaten the coral reef due to the increasing amount of waste that will flow to the sea from those houses and office building. I can only pray that the local government of West Papua province will give serious attention to this matter and establish a comprehensive garbage collection and waste management program to preserve this coral reef and protect the marine tourism industry in Manokwari bay.
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