Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Titanic sank into the Atlantic Ocean today nearly a century ago

Titanic is a history to remember. Today, 99 nine years ago one of the worst maritime tragedies happened in the Atlantic Ocean. Passenger ship RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and sank into the cold sea. Because it was her maiden voyage from Europe to the New World, it attracted the attention of all mass media on both sides of the Atlantic and from around the world. The luxurious passenger liner the Titanic sank with more than 1500 passenger and crew that died with her. However, there are not many pictures left about how the largest ship that belonged to White Starline looked like when it was sinking.

In 1985, wrecks of the steam ship was discovered by Robert Ballard and his expedition team. The discovery enables us to get Titanic pictures that were taken underwater. The pictures gave us a lot of information about the current condition of the passenger liner that is now lying on the sea bed. The damage on the ship's hull which was around 12 square feet in size was later analyzed using computer model to study how sea water entered the hull and sank the ship.Even though a lot of books, as well as scientific articles have been written about the ship, the sinking of Titanic ship will continue to attract the attention of ship enthusiasts and naval architect forever.Also read: The Sinking of Titanic Ship

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