Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oasis of the Seas Length

As the largest cruise ship at the moment, MS Oasis of the Seas has got LOA 360 meters. MS stands for Motor Ship. If compared to the length of a soccer field which is 105 meters, this vessel is nearly three and a half times longer than the field. Oasis of the Seas is even larger than the famous RMS Titanic whose length was 269 meters, a passenger ship that sank into the Atlantic ocean 99 years ago. In theory, with such length Oasis of the Seas can go faster on the surface of the sea propelled by her three Azipods propellers that sometimes can be rotated to 360 degrees to provide maximum maneuverability in restricted waters or when the cruise ship is near a harbor. According to ship theory, if the ship is too long compared to her breadth, it will not be stable enough when facing big waves. Naval architects who design the ship knows about it so they enlarge the breadth of the ship admidship to 60.5 meters. With such dimensions, the ship is more stable in rough seas and has more rooms for passengers. In addition, a cruise ship with larger breadth will have higher rolling period (around 7 to 8 seconds) that are more comfortable to passengers and crews.  
Royal Caribbean International Oasis of the Seas
Cruise Ship Oasis of the Seas

In addition to her length, Oasis of the Seas cruise ship has attracted the attention of naval architects around the world due to her unique superstructure form that has hollow spaces to allow sunlight to enter the rooms below the main deck and bring more light to port and starboard rooms above the superstucture that are closer to the center line of the ship.
Interested in the science of shipbuilding?
I remember the time when I was a child standing near the harbor in my town looking at the ships that were mooring at the pier of Manokwari bay. At that time I tried to find the answer of why those big and heavy ships that were made of steel could float on the sea surface whereas a small needle sank into the bottom of the glass that I had filled with water. You might have the same question. Well, if you are interested in learning more about ship science, I suggest that you begin reading books on naval architecture.
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