Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Watching how a deer was caught by dogs in Senopi Papua

Last March 2010, Paul Warere made a one-week-trip to Senopi. It was a district in Manokwari regency of West Papua province. He and Zeth Wonggor went there by SDSP's hardtop from Manokwari - the capital of West Papua province Pak Jurgen from YAT/ SDSP received them and conducted a tour around the tropical rainforest of the Senopi district. The presence of Zeth Wonggor in Senopi was to help explain to the villagers how important it is to protect the tropical rainforest against any efforts of deforestation. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of rainforest in West Papua have been cleared to make way for mono-culture palm plantation. In addition logging companies have caused extensive damage to large area of Papuan forest with little benefits to the indigenous Papuan people. I lent my PDA that is equipped with built in photosmart camera to Paul.
While hiking in the forest, they saw a deer crossed a river. Seeing it struggling in the water, the villagers' dogs jumped into the water and chased the deer. They bit it on neck, and all other parts of its body. The deer could not move easily anymore. It stuck in the water until it was dragged out of the water by these hikers. It was a rare moment and Paul Warere managed to take these photographs for you.
The photographs that are shown in this post were shot using HP iPAQ rx 3000 series Mobile Media Companion. Before they are uploaded to this blog, they had been re-sized and optimized using Adobe Photoshop CS3.
If you are interested in visiting the Kebar valley for watching deer grazing in the savannah, or just observing birds of paradise dancing in trees in Senopi, we can arrange your trip to the region. For more information, please contact me at my email: or There are some tour package that we can arrange for you some of them are a three day tour around Manokwari where you can go hiking, bird watching and caving in the Table Mountain. We can bring you to visit islands in the Dorey bay where you can do some snorkeling and see the beautiful coral reef and colorful ornamental fish. If you are interested in traveling deeper into the mountainous region then we can arrange a trip for you to the Arfak mountain where you can see birds of paradise dancing in trees of tropical rainforest. by Charles Roring

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