Monday, April 5, 2010

A favorite snorkeling place in Manokwari of Papua

Snorkeling is an easiest way to admire the underwater beauty of coral reef and ornamental fish. Tourists do not need expensive diving gear if they only want to see colorful corals in shallow waters. What they need are mask with an embedded pipe for breathing through mouth, and fins. Sometimes a small underwater digital camera is useful for taking underwater pictures of the corals in Manokwari of West Papua.
 Often tourists who meet me ask where they can snorkle in Manokwari. There are a number of interesting places inside the Dorey bay of Manokwari. Most tourists will snorkel between Mansinam island and Lemon island. There is also a snorkeling site at the western tip of Pasir Putih beach where fresh water comes out of the rock that ends at the beach. 

As a tourist guide, I know many other places which I can show around to tourists who come to Manokwari to enjoy the natural beauty of the coral reef. Manokwari is also famous for its shipwrecks that are scattered around the Dorey bay. Bring your own scuba diving gear if you want to explore them. There are not any diving centers yet. If you are interested in opening a diving center in Manokwari, I will be happy to help you, contacting you with local businessmen or hotel owners so that you will only concentrate in running your diving center whereas the accommodation will be handled by the hotel owners.
Personally, I have been writing a lot of articles in this blog (my personal blog) and my other Manokwari Papua blog aiming at promoting ecotourism as an alternative to commercial water sport tourism which you often see being promoted by big players in tourism industries around the world. 
I provide a-3-day hiking and snorkeling guided tour to anybody who is interested in having a holiday in Manokwari, the capital of West Papua province that is located in the tropical region of Indonesia. I can also arrange a special trip for you into the interior mountainous region of  Papua island where you can see birds of paradise, watch deer grazing in the Kebar valley and various other activities that interest you. For more information about tourism in Manokwari, you can contact me at

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