Sunday, March 21, 2010

Visiting Papuan Artists My New Travel Guide Brochure

Free Download Travel Brochure
I have just finished writing a Manokwari travel brochure which I call Visiting the Artists in Manokwari of West Papua. Inside the brochure, you can read some of my stories about the brilliant Papuan artists who make artworks at their homes. They just don't care whether people know about them or not. They love art and their lifestyle is fully integrated with art expression.
You might not agree with me but I suggest that you click the link that I provide above and see for yourself how beautiful their artworks are. So, next time when you plan a holiday or vacation trip, please, include us in your travel plans. I will be very happy to guide or escort you (I prefer to choose the latter term) to meet this highly talented artists.
Well, don't forget to bring your digital photo or video camera with you with memory cards that can store thousands of photographs or hours of video recordings. Because it often rains in the tropical region, also bring plastic cover to protect your electronic devices during the rainy season which starts in late November and ends in May or June. I will write more travel guide brochures about Manokwari Papua and provide them for free both in this blog and my manokwaripapua blog. Well, before I close this post, I want to leave you  with my watercolor painting entitled: Bird Knitting Nest. This is how a bird makes its nest by knitting pieces of grass at  a twig of a tree. Because I optimize the pixel of this image, I set my digital photo camera to web setting.I hope that you are not disappointed with the quality of the photograph, just enjoy this rare scene. Manokwari has a lot to offer if you love bird watching , read my previous travel brochure, Go Hiking in the Table Mountain of Manokwari Papua to know more about it. by Charles Roring

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