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Dear Friends and Readers,
I am writing to ask for your help to support the medical treatment of my younger brother Pierre Roring. He is suffering from a life threatening cancer on his neck. The tumor is very big and he cannot eat solid food.

We are trying to raise fund through gofundme for him so that we could send him to a hospital that has got modern equipment to treat cancer patients in a big city in Indonesia. Here is the link for donations:
We also ask for your prayer to God to help and heal Pierre in his fight against cancer. You could also help by sharing this message to your friends and other people.
Thank you for your donation and message of supports.
Best Wishes,
Charles Roring

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My other Manokwari Travel blog

I have been writing travel stories about Manokwari city for several years now and they are scattered in blogs, websites throughout the virtual world which is also known as the internet. I want to promote ecotourism for this town hoping that this will help the indigenous people become actively involved in promoting their art, culture and the beauty of their natural environment. For travel stories in bahasa Indonesia language, please see my other blog Lembar-lembar Ekspresi. On the right side of your computer screen, you will see a travel brochure which I have translated into Bahasa entitled Jalan-jalan ke Gunung Meja Manokwari.
 I am now translating another travel brochure into Bahasa entitled Mengunjungi Seniman-seniman Papua which are my stories about my visits to painters, cloth weaver, and wood carvers. Well, these brochures have already been published last week in English. I will try to make them available in Bahasa in order to attract domestic tourists to visit Manokwari Papua. Inside the brochures, you will see beautiful photographs which I shot using my digital photo still camera. The photographs can reveal the beauty of Papua's nature especially the scenery of Manokwari and the artworks which are created by Papuan artists.

Well, to enable people to download the brochures faster, I have reduced the pixel number of the photos making it smaller in size. Tourism is the largest industry in the world whereas ecotourism is the fastest sector of travel and tourism industry that is growing at 15% every year. That's the rate which I got from an ecotourism website. If this is true, then we need to give special attention to this sector and put our efforts to bring as much benefits to the local people and minimize its negative impact to the environment.

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