Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tan and Linda are leaving the Manokwari rainforest for Norway

Two Norwegian students (Linda and Tan) are leaving for Norway tomorrow. They have been doing field research in Manokwari for nearly a month. Their stay in Manokwari has been a unique experience for them. And the data which they have collected, during their visit to Papua, will be used for composing their thesis on the implementation of the UNREDD program for the community based forest protection that is vital in fighting global warming.
Paul Warere (local forest guide) and Tan (an Indian-Norwegian student)
All of us here in Manokwari can only hope that the good and bad experiences which they have faced in Papua will enrich their life so that they will understand how beautiful the rainforest is, how unique the culture of the indigenous Papuan, and how uncomfortable it is for someone to suffer from Malaria Tropica, ha..ha..ha....(laugh).
The Norwegian students, and all of us of course have the same opinion, the view that the whole world community share that the tropical rainforest has to be preserved for the next generations of human being. The indigenous people of Papua have the exclusive rights over their rainforest, but they MUST NOT abuse this important world heritage. It is the responsibility of the whole world community to help the Papuan people and other indigenous tribes in Amazon of Congo in Africa preserve their rainforest.
We pray that their air trip to Norway will be calm so that they will arrive in their country in good condition to meet their loved ones. Happy Traveling - by Charles Roring

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