Monday, February 8, 2010

Photographing bat in a cave

Yesterday (7 February 2010) I went to the Table Mountain of Manokwari accompanying Tan, a Norwegian student who is doing some field research on the implementation of UNREDD. She looked happy when we finally arrived in a big cave that was the home of bats. She took a lot of pictures of this cave from the front mouth to its interior that is full of stalactites.
The surface of the ground was wet, uneven, and slippy. I fell once and cut my hand. Well, it's the souvenir that I got from exploring this cave. We brought two big lamps to lighten the cave. I used an old digital camera Sony Cyber-shot 6.0 mega pixels to take some pictures of this cave but because its flash light was not strong enough, I had to move closer to the objects to shoot them well.


The bats that live in the cave are from small species. The same as the bigger ones they sleep during the day and look for food at night. The indigenous Papuan told us that they eat insects, sweet fruit (like kersen) and nectar of certain flowers. Also read: Caving in the Table Mountain with Grietje

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