Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Layer Properties of Delftship

Last night while exploring website, I came across a new sailboat design called the "Loyalist". It was designed by Richard J. Saunders. I immediately downloaded and opened it in Delftship free edition to explore it more in 3D virtual environment. Honestly, I am amazed by the details Mr. Saunders created especially on the hull frames and the deck house. Mr. Saunders has shown to us all the possibilities the Delftship software can offer to naval architects and boat designers. Before seeing this design, I thought that Delftship could only be used to design simple hull lines (lines plan) of a ship or a boat. Now, I fully realize that it is a powerful naval architecture software that ship designers should have. If you haven't used Deftship before, I suggest that you visit and download the free edition of this great ship design tool. As the price of the professional edition is not expensive, I think buying it is a great investment.
Back to the discussion about this "Loyalist" wooden sailboat. In order to visualize the inside parts of the boat, we need to hide the hull (skin). Hiding or displaying certain parts of the ship design is very easy in Delftship. It can be done by activating or deactivating a number of layers that make up the sailing boat design. To do that, with the Delfship program is active on your computer screen, Click Edit and Choose Layer, then click Dialog.... You will see such layers as rudder, keel, floors, hull, hull frames, deck, deck frames, and etc in the layer properties window. Checking and unchecking any of the layers will directly display and undisplay certain parts of the ship that we are exploring at the moment.

As a new learner of Delftship, exploring the designs submitted or uploaded into the Delfship website by ship designers is a great way to know more tools and capabilities of this great ship design software. I am now convinced that Delftship is a right choice for all naval architects who want to design and analyze boats and ships.Charles Roring

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