Friday, January 15, 2010

Earthquake Resistant Wood House

Wooden house is now seen as the best and the most affordable earthquake resistant construction for home owners. Wood has been used as construction materials for thousands of years. The recent news about earthquake in Haiti shows how concrete building are severely damaged after being hit by 7 magnitude quakes. In the contrary most of the wooden house can still stand without suffering bad destructions. Wood is more resistant to quakes due to its properties. It is more durable against vibration due to its fiber. Although wooden house is the perfect solution in earthquake region, it has to be protected against termite and bad weather. I just wrote an article in my Englishland's website explaining several precaution steps that home owners or home builders should do to make their houses more safe not to the violent earthquake but to the surrounding environmental conditions that are not friendly to wood as construction material.old-wooden-house-leilem.jpg

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