Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ship Design Books

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by Charles Roring

The study of naval architecture is related to the theory of ship that is aimed at designing, building and repairing of ships and other floating structures. There are many books that discuss about ship designs. Some of them that I used to read are Ship Design and Construction, Ship Design and Performance for Masters and Mates, and Ship Design for Efficiency and Economy.

I downloaded the Ship Design and Construction book from yesterday. It is a very thick book written by a group of authorities in the field of naval architecture. Unfortunately, the quality of this e-book is so bad. So I recommend that those who want to study or read the book buy or order it directly from the Society of Naval Architect and Marine Engineers (SNAME). Amazon online bookstore also sells the book, some are used books that are offered in cheaper price.


The book of Ship Design and Construction discusses various aspects that are related to ship design such as mission analysis and basic design, general arrangement, load line assignment, tonnage measurement, analysis and design of principal hull structure, hull materials and welding, hull outfit and fittings, cargo handing, ship maneuvering, navigation and motion control and many other subjects.

If you don't have the background in naval architecture, I suggest that before reading this book, you have to read basic ship theory volume I and II or the Principles of Naval Architecture. These books provide you with strong theoretical foundation before dealing with more complicated aspects of ship design.

Naval Architecture is different from Land or House Architecture. Ships are moving structures. So, there are other aspects such as stability of ships and resistance and propulsion that need to be studied. Also read: Are cruise ships safe for the marine environment? and Is traveling with cruise ship still an attractive adventure? ; Cruise ship and passenger ship


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" Ship Design and Construction"