Thursday, August 13, 2009

Passsion of a ship toy in child's imagination

boat-cruise-ship.jpgMany times when we go to the beach, we can see parents accompany their children swimming. But among the crowded swimmers, there are some who are more interested in playing with boat toys. The passion of the sea and the ship in little boy's mind bring his imagination tens of years in the future where he dreams of building a ship or being the captain of a ship sailing across the ocean.

I made a painting about such scene using watercolour pencil depicting how a father accompanies his son playing a toy of a sailing boat. Right behind them a few miles away, there is a cruise ship moving.

The message from this painting is that we must not ignore the passion of a little boy playing with his boat. We have to encourage him, if necessary, by taking him to a sea voyage aboard a real cruise ship or passenger ship where he can see the real ship.

Perhaps, the boy has another dream. Being somebody who can build a ship or boat. He might not know the name of such profession as being a naval architect is not a common job anybody sees in every day life. There are not many schools that provide such study program. So, what we must do is to guide the boy in pursuing his passion on the sea and the ship through a positive way. by Charles Roring also read: Is traveling with cruise ship still an attractive adventure? and The Speed of Ship and Propeller Pitch

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