Friday, July 17, 2009

Traveling with Cruise Ship or Private Yacht?

Cruise ship and private yacht, although different in size, are constructed for the same purpose. They are ship and boat that will carry their passengers to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ocean and islands around the world.
Cruise ships, because they are mostly bigger in size, cannot travel like tramp. They are cruise lines. Cruise lines or shipping companies such as Holland America, Carnival and Silja have ships that travel along definite routes in pre-planned schedules. So, if you buy a ticket to Carribean islands, you cannot, in the middle of the sea, ask the captain to change the voyage route to the Pacific islands. Cruise ships are large and luxurious floating hotels with many facilities enjoyed by thousands of people on board. There are restaurants, gambling floors or casinos, movies, massage and spa treatment center and of course dance hall. Today, almost all modern cruise ships provide massage and spa treatment to their customers. They can enjoy deep tissue or relaxation massage while the vessels are in the middle of the sea heading to an island in Caribbean countries or to the tropical Bali island in the Republic of Indonesia. A lot of passengers say that they really like the relaxation massage and spa treatment particularly when the their ship was sailing through a bad weather. 
Different from cruise ship, private yacht is build to cater for wealthy customers. Some even buy their own yachts. Due to its size, although it is luxurious, yacht does not have the facilities that a cruise ship has. For larger yacht, there are some cabins to accommodate guests on board.
Most cruise ships are mono or displacement hulls whereas for yachts they can be displacement or catamaran hulls. Yacht owners who prefer to travel across the sea in higher speed will prefer to order or have their yachts built in catamaran style.
Yacht is more flexible in terms of its voyage. It can go anywhere according to the order of the owner or the customers who rent it. The travel range of cruise ship is longer than yacht due to its fuel tank capacity. In addition, if you plan to cross Atlantic or Pacific oceans, then I suggest that you take cruise ship. It is more stable and safe (read my other article on this issue Stability of Cruise Ship). But if you plan to have more private time with your loved ones traveling around the beautiful islands of the Carribean and the Hawaiian, then the better choice will be to rent a private yacht. So, the choice is yours. Happy traveling. by Charles Roring Also read: The interior of passenger ship and cruise ship and Cruise ship and passenger ship;

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