Saturday, July 4, 2009

Traveling with ship

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua Indonesia

Traveling with ships or boats has been a good choice for people living near the sea for hundreds of years. Ships help people traveling from one island to another.

When passenger airplanes were introduced some one hundred years ago, the number of people traveling by ships began to decrease. In recent years, the increasing number of airplane crash makes people worried about their safety. We can see that many airline companies release reports which say that they are facing bankruptcy. The real reason for the decreasing number of passengers, which they say, is the economic downturn. However, honestly we cannot ignore the psychological effects the news about plane crash brings to TV audiences. Although most of the accidents are caused by bad weather, some people who have watched such bad news are now considering of traveling by other mode of transportations.

In recent years, travelers are now considering ships as safe mode of transportation compared to airplanes. Traveling with passenger ships can be a boring voyage especially if the journey takes more than one day.

Therefore, ship designers or naval architects must design passenger ships as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Modern passenger ships now are identical with luxurious hotels. They have such facilities as swimming pools, sun-deck, restaurants, movies, library, fitness centers, internet café, gambling hall, shops and even conference rooms. These facilities are provided to help the passengers feel relax so that they will be able to enjoy the trip rather than feel bored or anxious when looking at the dark color of the deep sea.

Besides, providing various facilities similar to luxurious hotels, passenger ships have to be designed with the highest safety standard stipulated by classification societies such as LR, GL, NK, ABS, and DNV, to prevent accidents. Modern navigational equipment as well as inflatable rafts and boats are installed in passenger ships to protect the passengers in case if an accident happens.

Today's modern technology helps naval architects and shipyard owners to design and build ships that are fully safe for sea transportation. It is important to note that the number of ship accidents is quite low compared to plane crash in recent years.

We will see that with improved speed, and better safety measures, passenger ship will be a good alternative for traveling in short distances which only takes one or two days to reach a destination. Also read: Propeller Rake and Blade Thickness Diameter Ratio; Controllable Pitch Propellers; Material and Strength of Marine Screw Propeller

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