Sunday, May 3, 2009

Taking pictures of people and giving the print outs to them

I like going around my neighborhood walking. I usually bring with me my Sony Cyber-shot digital camera. It is a compact device which I like to carry around while traveling. Whether I visit an old friend of mine or flying to other island, I like to take pictures and the surrounding scenery.


What will I do with those pictures? I use them most for my blogs. I write travel stories in insert these photos in the posts. The latest ones are the photos of local Papuan people who live some 100 meters behind my house. They were preparing a tent for Saturday night party. These local West Papua look happy when I shot them with this digital camera. I told them to pick up the print out the next day. Then I continued walking into the tropical jungle. You can read the story of what I did in the jungle at my previous post

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