Saturday, May 2, 2009

Surveying the spring water in Table Mountain for Local Community

My travel story today is about a short journey to the jungle several hundred meters behind my house. I just returned from Table Mountain of Manokwari. I went there with Oom Cornelis to survey the spring water there. The purpose of this "expedition" is to construct a reservoir which will supply the local community of Kompleks Missi with clean water.


Clean water has been a serious matter for local people here although there are many spring-waters at the foot of the Table Mountain. It took fifteen minutes walking from my house to the spring water. I took some pictures a long the way to the spring water. It is located in a cave. The entrance of the cave is very small. One has to squat to enter the cave.


It was very dark inside the cave and I did not bring any flashlight. Fortunately, my mobile phone has the flash light, enough to guide me and Oom Cornelis to enter the cave.


There is a piping installation inside the cave from the spring water to the house of Catholic sisters of Manokwari. The distance between the spring water to the place where the local community live is 700 meters.


After surveying the spring water and taking some pictures, I have to compose a proposal which I have to send to the office of social agency for requesting the construction fund. It will take around one week to make the proposal. The office is a local government's body which handles things that are related to social welfare of the people. I hope that the local government will give positive response to the request of this local people. by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua Indonesia

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