Thursday, March 26, 2009

Diving Boat General Arrangement Consideration

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

dive-boat.jpgAs naval architects, we usually begin our project design with calculations. We tend to focus more of our attention on principal dimensions such as type of ship or boat, the length overall, breadth moulded, depth moulded and prismatic and block coefficient. It is true that such principal dimensions are needed by the ship or boat designer to carry out detailed calculations including the resistance, propulsion, structural strength and the cost of construction.

A boat type which needs special design consideration from naval architects is diving boat. Diving boat is used by scuba divers in various marine parks around the world for accessing the coral reef. Most of the corals are located in shallow sea water. Therefore, when naval architects want to design the boats, they need to consider some important factors below:

The depth of boat

Because the diving boat operates in shallow water the depth of the boat should not more than five meters. It is better to have a smaller depth so that the hull bottom, keel and the propeller will not hit coral reef.

Twin hull or catamaran

In recent days, naval architects have introduced twin hull design for diving boat. This is a very good breakthrough for safe operation of the diving boat in the marine protected areas. Besides twin hull boat or catamaran has smaller depth moulded, it also has better stability. Catamaran can go to coral reef whose depth from the sea surface is around or less than 3 meters.

Wider deck area

A diving boat needs a wider deck area which is needed by dive operators for the placement of air bottles, compressor. A wider deck area means better movement for the divers to move around.

Diving platform

This is a lower deck which is constructed at the back of the diving boat or yacht which scuba divers use to climb to the boat. Usually there is a small stair which connects the diving platform with the main deck

Small freeboard

Most diving boats have small freeboard with ladder installed on both sides of the boat. After diving, scuba divers can come up to the surface and climb the boat from port or starboard side of the boat.

Diving is a fun yet dangerous sport. Naval architects need to design a room in the boat which can be used as an "emergency hospital" in case of accidents at sea. Divers can become victims of shark. Therefore, adequate first aid equipment is needed in the boat beside the diving equipment.

There are still more factors such as the sewage system and propulsion unit which I need to explain in this article but I think I should write them in another article. Also read: Designing Lines Plan with Fastship and Fastship and Delftship for Naval Architects

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