Friday, March 20, 2009

Creating a rounded corner wall with Archicad 12

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

Graphisoft's new release of Archicad 12 has been a great tool for architects who find that this software has helped them a lot in their daily works. Archicad 12 provides various new features such as curtain wall, hotlink module management and 3D document and etc. Anyone who has studied the fundamentals of building technology can design their own house using this software.

In this article, I am going to explain how to create a rounded corner wall with Archicad 12. Home owners some time ask their designers to round one of the wall corners of their new house which is usually the front one. To design a rounded corner, make two walls by clicking the wall tools on the tool box located on the left of your window screen. Then, one the working sheet, draw a vertical wall and a horizontal wall.


After drawing vertical and horizontal walls that form a corner wall, then proceed to drawing the round wall by clicking the use three points rounded wall, click and the outer ends of the walls. When you have clicked the two ends, Archicad will show a circle with a radius showing how the rounded corner wall will look like.


You need to make adjustments to the length and radius of the rounded wall so that you can connect the two horizontal and vertical walls. When you have finished making the adjustments, then you can press enter. Archicad wil show you an image similar to the one below. Make sure that the corner radius is not larger or smaller than it should be. You can see the final image of your wall in 3D if you select the view in 3D feature provided by Archicad 12 in view menu.


Archicad 12 is a great tool that accelerates the design process of a building. It is a BIM application software which I would like to recommend to anybody who is interested in learning how to design a house or a building in a fast yet accurate way.

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