Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flatten your casual clothes with your bed

by Leo Charles Roring

Reducing fuel oil consumption is not an easy task for everyone. Fuel has become an “addiction” to modern people. I believe that if all people around the world are willing to take time and reconsider their living habit and start changing it, we can make a big difference to this earth.
Yesterday, I talked about bike to work lifestyle following the Dutch habit and Cuban experience. Maybe some of you will say, “Well, I am willing to bike to work but the distance between my home and my office is 45 kilometers and I have to take a train everyday.
If it is your case, definitely I cannot force you. But there are some other ways where you can reduce your fuel consumption. Consider that you iron your clothes everyday to make them neat so that you can wear them when going to work or office confidently. It is okay if you iron your office clothes for that purpose. How about other casual ones like t-shirts, shorts, and jeans? You don’t have to iron them to make them neat. You can still make them neat using other ways which are friendly to the environment.
The heat that we apply to our clothes comes from electricity. The electrical energy is generated by power plants which consume oil or gas. The combustion of oil and gas in the power plants emits carbon dioxide. More CO2 is produced, more heat is created. The less heat we use in ironing our clothes, the less fuel we burn.
So, I want to suggest you one alternative which I hope you can consider it. If you have a bed, you can use it flatten your jeans. Before leaving for work or school, put a pair of jeans between your mattress and the bed. It will stay there for hours during the day until you return home. When you return home, lift the mattress again and take the jeans. Have they been flattened already? The answer is definitely yes! By doing so, you have reduced fuel consumption. More people around the world should do the same. It is a peaceful way of preventing global warming.

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