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Snorkeling Tour by Boat in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has got a lot of coral reef sites. They can be explored by motorized boat. The cheapest way to see the beauty of the coral reef is by taking snorkeling tour. The southern part of Waigeo is the first place where visitors usually go. Warduwer beach, Saporkren beach and Yengkawe beach are important coral reef sites in this area. 

Marine Tourism Destination in Indonesia. Vacation trip to enjoy snorkeling in Waigeo islands
Natural Tourism Attractions in Raja Ampat
At the entrance of Kabui Bay, there are Greater Urai and Lesser Urai islands. They have got beautiful reef too. Gam island has got a lot of coral reef sites which are suitable for snorkeling visitors. There are homestays that are run by local villagers.  The nearby Friwen and Mioskon island are famous snorkeling and diving sites.  
anemonefish of waigeo island
Anemonefish at Yengkawe house-reef
Crossing the Dampier strait, visitors will be able to enjoy snorkeling along Cape Kri which is one of the best dive sites in Raja Ampat. The opposite end of the Kri island is Yenbuba strait. There, the current is quite strong especially during the transition period from low to high tide or its reverse. A lot of marine creatures can be seen here from the tiny anemonefish to the big black tip reefshark.

Mansuar, which is greater than Kri, has got a lot of coral reef sites. Near Arborek island, there is a place called Manta Point. Arborek's jetty is the place for snorkeling too. After that, the adventure to the west will be to Piaynemo islets whose karst is very beautiful if seen from its viewpoint. 

holiday in Indonesia
Raja Ampat Attraction
Usually visitors go back to Waigeo by entering the 'passage.' It is a narrow strait that separates Waigeo and Gam island. The next day, visitors can continue their exploration of the seascape of Raja Ampat by going to Wayag. There, the marine environment is still in pristine condition. 
Flying to Raja Ampat
It is easy to travel to Raja Ampat. Visitors need to take an international flight from their country to one of the cities in Indonesia, i.e. Jakarta, Denpasar Bali, Surabaya, Makassar. There are regular daily flights that are provided by Sriwijaya Air, Garuda, Batik Air and Lion Air to Sorong city which is the main gate to Raja Ampat.
snorkeling destination in Indonesia
Raja Ampat is a regency in Indonesia
From Sorong city, you could continue your trip to Raja Ampat by ferry. There are daily ferry schedule to Waisai town of Waigeo. This route is suitable for visitors who like to go to Saporkren, Gam island, Arborek, Piaynemo, and Wayag. 
Visitors who want to go to Misool island should check the ferry schedule at Pelabuhan Rakyat (meaning People's Harbor). Ferry does not go there every day.
Traveling to Raja Ampat - the recommended destination for snorkeling lovers
Flight Route to Sorong city from major cities in Indonesia
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