Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Traveling to Misool

I left Sorong city for southern region of Raja Ampat islands yesterday by a fast passenger boat. She passed through a lot of big and small islands.
Adventure in Misool islands
Misool islands in Raja Ampat regency
The marine landscape was very beautiful.  It took several hours to arrive in Yelu - a crowded fishing village.  Some friends of mine met me at the jetty. We walked around the village and arrived at a homestay where we took a rest there for a few hours. The owner provided tea and coffee for us. His name is Eja. I took the opportunity by taking pictures of the village from the second floor of the house. It was a fishing village whose houses stood above the water.
Yelu village
Towards evening time, we moved to Harapan Jaya by a small motorized boat and stayed there for 1 night. The homestay owner provided us with simple but delicious dinner - fried fish, sambal (a sauce whose ingridients were chilli, onion and tomatoes). We stayed at a bungalow that sat on the edge of a cliff facing the sea. In the morning, the weather was very nice. Birds such as Lesser Frigatebird, Brahminy Kite, Willie Wagtail and Pacific Swallow were flying around. Some Blyth's Hornbill were busy eating fruits in a tall tree.
Now I am waiting for another speed boat that will take me to Kofiau islands.
Interested in Traveling to Misool?
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