Saturday, November 3, 2018


Sonder town in of Minahasa highland
This was Sonder, a small town in Minahasa. I spent several days here exploring its farmland. Most of the town dwellers were farmers. They planted rice, vegetables, and other agricultural crops. While in Sonder, I did some exploration to clove plantation areas, to rice fields, to fish farm and to chicken farm. People from Sonder were famous in North Sulawesi for their clove commodity. Clove was the raw material for making the Indonesian cigarette called Rokok Kretek. In 1970s and early 1980s, the price of clove was very high. A lot of farmers in Sonder became very rich.
Now, clove is not the only commodity that they rely on. Farmers in Minahasa have diversified their business by planting other crops. They also raise pigs and run chicken farms.
In addition to Sonder, I also visited several other towns in Minahasa highland such as Tomohon, Kawangkoan, Tondano, and Langowan. These towns were surrounded by villages.
As a guide, I offer cultural tours for tourists who want to visit the highland of Minahasa. I can organize trips to see villages, and meet farmers, or have sightseeing tours to beatiful places such as Mount Mahawu, Lake Tondano, Lake Linow or terraces of rice-fields and waterfalls in Tincep village.
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