Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Knobbed Hornbill in North Sulawesi

Knobbed Hornbill
This is the photograph of Knobbed Hornbill that I saw in North Sulawesi. At that time, I was guiding some Taiwanese tourists on a birding tour in the region. The bird was seen during the day while we were hiking and watching wild animals in Tangkoko Nature Reserve.
It was a nice experience because we could also watch other birds as well such as the Grossbeak Starling, White-necked Myna, Green-backed Kingfisher, Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher, Ruddy Kingfisher, and Red-backed Thrush.
We also saw squirrel, snake and gliding lizard and tens of crested macaque monkeys.
Our trip in Tangkoko was the continuation of our previous tours in Tambun forest, Mount Ambang, and the highlands of Minahasa.
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