Friday, March 9, 2018

Snorkeling Tour in Manokwari

Marine Life in Manokwari
Here are some pictures of marine life in Manokwari which I made when I went snorkeling. I frequently guide tourists in Manokwari to see both marine environment and tropical rainforest. There are several sites in Manokwari that can be visited by tourists who are interested in snorkeling and freediving. Visitors need to bring their own snorkeling device such as mask, snorkel, fins, and waterproof/ underwater camera.
The snorkeling tours can be done for two to three days covering several coral reef areas in Manokwari from north to south.
After the snorkeling tour, the trip can be extended to the forest where visitors can enjoy hiking, bird and wildlife watching.
Typical Itinerary
Day 1
Snorkeling in north east of Manokwari
Snorkeling at one of the islands of the bay
Day 2
Snorkeling in the south of Manokwari
Day 3
Hiking and birdwatching
Night walk in lower montane forest of Arfak range
Day 4
Watching Paradise Birds
Return to Manokwari

In addition to organizing tours in Manokwari, I could also run snorkeling and hiking/ birding tours in other parts of West Papua such as to Sorong, Raja Ampat, and Tambrauw regency.
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