Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cultural Parade during Fruit Season

Manokwari Cultural Parade
Manokwari is famous for its title as kota buah-buahan (meaning: city of fruits). Fruit season usually comes after dry season (in the middle of rainy season). That's what happened in February 2018. Usually, every 6 February, there is a Parade of Cultures in Manokwari attended by representative of tribes in Indonesia and inside Papua. This parade is carried out as the celebration of city dwellers to commemorate the works of European missionaries, Carl Wilhelm Ottow, Wilhelmine Auguste Ottow Letz (Mr. Ottow's wife) and Johann Gottlob Geissler in Mansinam island to preach Gospel to the indigenous people. The parade sent message to the public that people who live in Manokwari are united in their unique diversity.
Children wearing traditional costume were playing drums
The Manokwari Cultural Parade was conducted on the main streets of the city attended by thousands spectators and participants. It was a great event.  People bought rambutan and durian fruits from street vendors. They ate them and threw the peels everywhere. That's why the streets and pedestrian area looked very dirty with rambutan peels during the event.
One kilogram of rambutan could cost around 40,000 rupiahs per kilogram (approximately 3 US dollars/ kg.). In general, the price of durian is 20,000 to 40,000 rupiahs per fruit (approx. 1.5 to 3 US dollars per fruit).
Well, eating fruit is healthy but throwing fruit peels everywhere is not a healthy lifestyle.
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