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Visiting Fish Lagoon in Raja Ampat

Fish Lagoon in Raja Ampat islands
There is a lagoon in the eastern region of Raja Ampat archipelago. Its name in English is Fish Lagoon. The karst islets that are scattered in the area form a protected waters that allows coral reef and fish to thrive well. This rich marine environment is an important natural resource for the economic livelihood of the nearby villages. Local people go there to catch fish, lobster, and sea-cucumber which they eat and sell in Sorong city.
To support the Papuan people in preserving the surrounding environment, I offer tour packages for tourists who want to enjoy snorkeling and rainforest hiking in the area. Here is a typical itinerary for a 3 day/ 2-night tour.

Day 1
Leave Sorong city early in the morning for Waim island
Snorkeling at Isanak beach
Exploring the island and visiting its tidal lakes
Going to Sopen village
Exploring the village
Overnight stay

Day 2
Wake-up early in the morning
Going to Wararaf forest, hiking and watching paradise birds
Return to the village
Early lunch
Leaving Sopen for Mamiaef island
Swimming, Snorkeling
Continue trip to Fish Lagoon
Exploring the lagoon
Continuing trip to the nearby village
Back to the Fish Lagoon - hiking in the forest
Back to the village, visitors can enjoy swimming or snorkeling at the beach of the village
Overnight stay

Day 3
A short walk around the village to see how local people live in their daily life
Visiting the lagoon for the last time or enjoy snorkeling at the jetty of the village.
Return to Sorong city
End of Tour

The above itinerary should be seen as reference only. It can be extended to 4 days or even 1 week depending on the needs of visitors.

Things to bring
Tourists who are interested in taking this tour are required to bring:
Snorkeling  gear (mask, snorkel and fins)
Underwater camera
Binoculars for bird and wildlife watching
Anti insect and sun-block lotions
Flash light

Fish Lagoon
How to get there?
First, you need to fly from your country to Indonesia's capital - Jakarta city
After that you could fly from Jakarta to Sorong city. There are regular daily flight provided by such domestic airlines as Garuda, Xpress Air, Sriwijaya, Batik Air.
I will meet you at the airport and organize your trip to the Fish Lagoon and its surrounding areas.

Transport Vehicle between Raja Ampat and Sorong city
As a way to empower the indigenous Papuan people who live in Raja Ampat islands, we will not use speed-boat from Sorong city. We will use a large motorized wooden boat that is owned by Raja Ampat villager. It takes approximately 2.5 hours of boat ride from Sorong city to the Fish Lagoon.

Fish Lagoon, the nearby islands and the coastal villages in north east of Raja Ampat are not located in the mainstream tourist destination of the archipelago. Because of the lack of promotion, not many people know about its existance. That's why there are no regular visitations from tourists. Visitors will not find homestays, guesthouses or beach resorts.
Tourists who join this tour will stay in the houses of the villagers.
As a tourist guide, I also provide dome tents for tourists who want to stay in empty islands so that they can fully enjoy the natural beauty of Raja Ampat's beaches, tropical islands and coral reef as well as its rainforest.

If you are interested in Traveling to Fish Lagoon and want me to organize and guide you during the tour, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by e-mail to: or by sending text/ whatsapp message to +6281332245180
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