Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vector Illustration of Phinisi Boat

Phinisi is a traditional sail boat from Celebes island. It has been to carry cargoes that are delivered throughoud remote islands in this Indonesia. Today, it is attracting the interest of tourists who want to explore the exotic beauty of this tropical archipelago. Using Macromedia Freehand MX, I created this sail boat not as a technical drawings for production purposes but as a digital artwork for use in printing or web. Because the original Freehand MX file is a vector graphic, it does not loose its sharpness when being enlarged. This is a very intuitive drawing software that I have ever learned. Unfortunately it has not been updated by Adobe. People who want to buy Freehand are recommended to buy Adobe Illustrator. Despite the offer with discounted price, thousands of Freehand "loyalists" still use the software. Many have moved to using Corel Draw or open source drawing software such as Inkscape.
Today, the demand for Phinisi sail boat is still increasing particularly from tourism sector. Indonesia is the most favorite destination for marine tourism. Raja Ampat, Wakatobi, Triton Bay, and Cendrawasih bay are some of the places where tourists go diving with this type of boat that is called liveaboard.
In the past, sails were the prime mover of Phinisi boats. Now, they are only installed as decorations. Under the main deck of the boats, marine diesel engines are installed to drive the boats in all weather conditions. The combination of sail and diesel engine may reduce the consumption of fuel oil but it is not always the case in tourism industry. The sails are mainly installed to attract tourists. They are fully functional but they are not the prime mover of the boats.
The text that I added on the picture can be removed if you buy the vector file from me. Please, contact me by email to: if you are interested in buying the vector file of the phinisi boat.
You can use it for prints on T-shirts, postcards, ceramic mugs and other interesting articles.
If you need a logo or vector art for your company or events,  you can contact me too. I use Macromedia Freehand MX to create vector artworks and I can save the illustrations in jpeg, png or eps files.

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