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Snorkeling in Manokwari bay

Manokwari city stretches along a big bay called Dore. It has got a lot of underwater areas where coral reef thrive. Tourists who are not scuba divers but love to see coral reef can enjoy snorkeling in several areas such as Warmarway, Abasi, Mansinam and Raimuti.
As a tourist guide, I often accompany visitors on various multi-sport activities in Manokwari. These include snorkeling, trekking and birding, caving and cycling. While enjoying snorkeling activities, tourists can see such fish as damselfish, anemone fish, lion fish, moorish idol, and surgeonfish that usually live in the coral reef.
Snorkeling and freediving tour with Charles Roring
Coral reef in Manokwari waters
The Dore bay is located at the south west region of the Pacific Ocean particularly in the area that is famously called as Coral Triangle. Together with Raja Ampat, Cendrawasih Bay and Triton bay, Manokwari is a place where a lot of species of coral reef thrive in its clear blue sea water.
Freediving Photograph from Manokwari
To go snorkeling in Manokwari, visitors need to be accompanied by experienced snorkeling guides who know the current, tides and wave patterns in the bay. Visitors have to bring their own snorkeling masks, fins. For remote areas in the bay that have got coral reef with better condition, a speed boat would be needed to reach them. I can arrange the boat, snorkeling guide and interesting itineraries for visitors who want to see the beauty of the underwater world of West Papua.
Table Corals in the bay of Manokwari

For taking pictures, Canon Powershot G1X with waterhousing is a device that I recommend. After taking photographs of reef fish, I can help identify the fish using Reef Fish Identification Book for Tropical Pacific.
How to go to Manokwari?

  • Fly from your country to Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia)
  • Take a domestic flight to Manokwari city. Airlines such as Garuda, Sriwijaya, Batik Air provide regular flights.
  • I could meet you at the airport and organize your snorkeling, hiking and wildlife watching in this regency.

For further information about snorkeling in Manokwari, please, contact me by e-mail to: I will be happy to answer your email and arrange a trip that is interesting and affordable for you. by Charles Roring/ E-mail:

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