Thursday, June 27, 2013

2-Eye Butterfly

After trying to master Freehand MX in the last few weeks, finally I can create my 2-eye butterfly that I trace using the powerful pen tool of the software. Although Adobe has not updated this vector software since 2004, the Freehand MX is still powerful in helping artists create beautiful artworks.
People still need clip art when they want to write messages or emails to their friends that are beautifully decorated with drawings.
I plan to sell my vector artworks in T-shirt printing company when I have reached an advanced level in using the software. Today Adobe Illustrator and Coral Draw are considered as the most modern digital drawing tool but as long as the Freehand MX is still running on my laptop, I will still use it. Because most of my artworks will be saved or exported in png format, I don't think I will face any difficulties in delivering them to the T-shirt or digital printing company that is interested in selling them.
I also try to learn Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for my other digital art projects. I will upload them in this blog too. Vector art can be resized easily without loosing the accuracy of the lines and fill of the drawings. Most of my illustrations are based on things that I see in my surroundings when I walk in the jungle or swimming over coral reef.  This two eye butterfly usually live in the lowland forest of New Guinea island. I saw it when I was trekking in the north coast of Manokwari. I takes around 3 days to draw it and I hope that all of you like the artwork. by Charles Roring

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