Monday, May 20, 2013

Design of New Guesthouse in Arfak range

by Charles Roring
Last week I finished the design of a guesthouse for tourists who want to go trekking in Arfak range. I drew it using Google Sketchup 8. I got the software before it was bought by Trimble. It took around one week to make the basic drawings of the house. Most parts of the house will be built using wood that is abundant in the region. Only the door handles, roof and windows that are from manufactured goods. The house will be constructed around 1 meters above the ground. Local builders will do most of the construction works. After finishing the design works, I am now trying to raise some money to help local people build it.
The followings are the design of the guesthouse as seen from several directions:

Traveling in the jungle of West Papua is not the same as traveling in the tropical Caribbean islands. To reach the place where birds of paradise dance in the morning and in the afternoons, visitors need to walk up steep slopes for nearly one hour. Spending one or two nights in the jungle of Warmarway exploring the rainforest with its rich eco-system will only be interesting for nature lovers. The guesthouse that I design will become a comfortable accommodation for anybody who is planning to go trekking in the forest of Arfak range. If you are interested in donating your money for this project or visiting Arfak range, please, contact me by email to 

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