Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pink Anemone Fish in Dorey bay of Manokwari

Dorey bay, located in the bird's head region of Western New Guinea, was the place that Alfred Russel Wallace- a British naturalist visited in 1858. He met three German missionaries in Mansinam island. At the time he collected some birds of paradise, and insects. Today, the land that is rich in plants and animals is facing a lot of destruction due to the rapid growth of human population and irresponsible exploitation of the natural resources. This afternoon, a group of Papuan youth went snorkeling in Dorey bay of Manokwari to assess the condition of its coral reef and marine environment. They brought an underwater camera Canon Powershot G1X to take pictures of the corals and the ornamental fish that live in the waters around Raimuti island. They took pictures of corals, and fish. One of them was Pink Anemonefish (Amphiprion perideraion). We can identify this fish by its unique physical appearance. It has got narrow white head bar, and white dorsal stripe from between the eyes to tail. This anemone-fish belongs to the family of damselfish.  
Pink Anemone Fish near Raimuti island of Manokwari
The coral reef around the waters of the island is still in good condition but rapid construction works along the coastline of Arfai and on the nearby Arfai hill may raise the amount of silt that will flow into the sea during rainy season. The following underwater photograph shows two pink anemone fish that live in the reef. The efforts of the Papuan youth from Abasi Surfing Club to record a lot of underwater pictures from the bay are intended to raise awareness among city dwellers of Manokwari about the importance of coral reef preservation in the area. We hope that city dwellers will stop dumping wastes into the sea after seeing the pictures.
Dorey bay of Manokwari is still an interesting place for tourists who want to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. 

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