Friday, March 22, 2013

Snorkeling over the coral reef of Manokwari

by Charles Roring
I often receive questions from people who read my blogs whether they can do snorkeling in Manokwari. I know that actually I have written a lot of articles about this topic in this blog but perhaps they are buried under hundreds of other articles that discuss ship, cars, rainforest or renewable energy. To give a quick answer, I say yes. Most of the coastal areas of Dorey bay,  the islands of Mansinam, Lemon, and Raimuti have got coral reef. Near the city, the reef have suffered from run off sediments and trash that flow into the sea during rainy season. Places whose coral reefs are still in pristine condition can be seen along the coast of Maruni to Warkapi, Oransbari and Ransiki. Unfortunately, they are quite far from the city.
From my recent snorkeling trip, I can say that the waters around Abasi are still good for snorkeling. The nearby Cape Bakaro is a world class surfing spot. Anybody who wants to see the beauty of the underwater world of Manokwari can go there. The presence of foreign tourists in the area will attract the attention of local Papuan villagers about the importance of preserving coral reef for their livelihood. Healthy reef is able to provide fish for the islanders. It is also a good asset for ecotourism.
Strong winds blow to the north coast of Manokwari between late Nov, December, January, Feb, March, and early April, this is the best time for surfing. Wave surfers from every corner of the globe can come to Manokwari during this time. Tourists who are not surfers can still swim and see the coral reef, damsel fish, butterfly fish, inside the bay of Manokwari whose waters are relatively calm. If you plan to travel to Manokwari to go birding or enjoy snorkeling or mountain biking, please, contact me by email to I will be happy to provide information, and guide you around this city.

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