Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Archicad Tutorials

A lot of people land on this blog after typing archicad on the search engine. I know that I used to discuss a number of features of the BIM software that are related to house design but now I don't write about them anymore. Sometimes I talk about wooden house design or present my own building design that I make using Google Sketchup, another 3D modelling software that can be used by architects or other designers to visualize their design concepts on the computer screen in 3D models.
Since Archicad 12, Graphisoft as the company that creates the BIM software, a special add on called EcoDesigner has been introduced to help architects make evaluation about the energy consumption of the buildings or houses which they design. Because most of the house owners demand their houses to be environmentally friendly or consume less energy, architects need the EcoDesigner add on to assess whether their designs have met the requirements or not.
So, if you are looking for tutorials on how to use Archicad, you can read my old posts or go to the official website of Archicad i.e., and then click the Education tab at the top bar of the website. There, you will find a lot of training modules that have been prepared for anybody who is willing to master the architectural software. Graphisoft develops the software for architects but not for naval architects who study ship design. The appropriate software for them are Delftship, Maxsurf, Rhino Marine and etc.
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