Saturday, June 11, 2011

Water tower and Well Design for villagers in Kebar

Last week I designed a tourist house for Kwau village, it is a timber frame construction. Tonight, I have just designed a well and a simple water tower made of wood for villagers in Kebar valley of Manokwari regency of West Papua. I use Google Sketchup 8 Professional to design this model. The well will supply clean water for the villagers. According to the preliminary information that I got from Yerry (a school teacher in Asiti village of District Senopi) the water collected in the well will be pumped by an electric water pump. Actually for a remote region like Kebar where electrical power is limited, another scheme should be introduced. I prefer wind turbine to electric pump. The depth of the well is 11 meter where as the height of the water tower is 2.85 meters. The capacity of water tank 6.28 cubic meters. So, it will not be enough for the whole village. Perhaps, the village needs around 8 to 10 wells. 
The walls of the well are made of concrete material whose thickness are 10 centimeters. For the water tower, I choose hard Merbau timber with the dimension of 10cm x 10 cm as the wooden pillars that will support the tank. Wooden construction is the cheapest one due to the abundance of trees in the surrounding area. However, I don't recommend cutting trees as the solution for the increasing need of timber material in West Papua. I recommend the use of naturally fallen trees in the rainforest as the material for building the tower or even houses in Kebar village.
Google Sketchup is a light yet very powerful 2D and 3D modelling that I recommend to all architects around the world. I needed around 3.5 hours to make the design and calculation of construction materials for the well, floor, wooden water tower and the water tank.  I hope that people in Kebar will be able to enjoy clean water in the near future. by Charles Roring

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