Monday, March 28, 2011

Passenger Cargo Boat MV. Yap Wairon

Small passenger ships are in high demand in Indonesia - the largest archipelago in the world. For instance, in the northern coast of Papua and West Papua provinces, there are some vessels that transport thousands of people and tons of goods everyday from one town to another. I went to Manokwari harbor yesterday with Dr. Jaroslav Bacovsky. We went there to meet Mesakh Rumbruren who was coming from Numfor island to Manokwari city to return Mr. Bacovsky's passport which he dropped while traveling to the tropical island two days before. While waiting for the ferry boat KM. Kasuari Pasifik IV, we took the chance of exploring a small passenger cargo boat that was mooring at the pier. Its name was KM Yap Wairon. It was a passenger cargo boat. The front hull has been allocated for cargoes whereas the compartments below the superstructure and near the stern of the vessel have been allocated for the passenger decks.
I did not bring my digital camera Sony Cybershot DSC W310. I only had my cell phone in my hand. I immediately activated its camera feature, changed its settings to night shooting and began taking pictures of the main deck of the vessel and the lower decks for passenger accommodation. Passenger cargo boat Yap Wairon travels around the coastal towns in the Geelvink bay. It can carry approximately 300 passengers. This small steel vessel is powered by marine diesel engine. When I explored the vessel, I did not have any chances of entering its engine room but in my opinion it is powered by one main engine.
Passenger boat Yap Wairon is very very small compared to luxurious cruise ship the Oasis of the Seas whose passenger carrying capacity is 6,000 people. It also does not have swimming pools and modern state rooms.
Technically, passenger cargo boat MV Yap Wairon is a robust vessel. It is simple and it transport people and cargoes. There are bananas, and other tropical fruits on the deck of the boat mixed with passengers who wanted to go to Numfor, and Biak islands. I really like this boat because it was the boat that I went by when traveling to Numfor island in October 2010. I have traveled to the tropical island for three times. The first was by MV Yap Wairon whereas the second and third were by KM Kasuari Pasifik IV - a roro vessel. Although airplanes are getting more attractive to middle class people, small passenger cargo boats will continue to give significant contribution to the economic development of Papuan people who live in the coastal areas of the Geelvink bay. 
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