Saturday, November 20, 2010

Green Frog

When I was hiking through a rainforest, I saw various kinds of animals. Some of them were frogs or toads. Frog usually come out from their hiding at night. Frogs are amphibious animals meaning that they live in the water and dry ground. When the frogs are still in the form of eggs, they are called spawn. It takes 2 weeks for these eggs to grow into tadpoles and hatch from their eggs. With their feathery gills, they can breath in the water. When they reach 12 weeks old, they become frogs. At this age, frogs breath with lungs. That is the time when they come out of water. Some species of frogs or toads are eaten by people in Asian countries especially Indonesia, and China. Frogs are delicous meat when they are fried. Below is the picture of green frog at the foot of the Table Mountain of Manokwari city.
The next picture is the green frog that I shot using my Sony Cybershot in the tropical rainforest near Senopi village of West Papua. When I saw this frog, I remembered the story of "the Princess and the Frog." Well, he looked handsome, I think. : )
Frogs are sensitive to climate change. Global warming caused by the increasing amount of CO2 gases influences the survivability of frogs. When the land becomes drier, frogs will be lack of water. Rapid deforestation of tropical rainforest really threatens the frog population. Therefore we need to preserve the rainforest to protect frogs and other animals for future generations of human being. by Charles Roring

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